Why New Year is a Popular Time for Bathroom Renovations

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New Year is synonymous with new beginnings, and it is a time when many of us cast an eye over our home with ideas of updating and refreshing. New Year is a popular time for bathroom renovations because when you are already gearing yourself up to make new goals – renovating your bathroom is both a new beginning AND an investment that will last well beyond a time where other New Year resolutions you may have had in mind are already fading. It is also traditionally the time of the sales season – meaning that improvements can often be carried out a fraction of the price that they would usually cost.

Christmas shows the cracks

During the run up to Christmas and over the Festive Season when many families have extra guests to stay; the bathroom receives a lot of use and traffic and it is precisely during a time like this that many home owners realise the limitations or “tiredness” of their existing facilities and decide to make improvements. With January being the beginning of the quiet few months prior to Spring; you now have the chance to update this often-overlooked space and decide on renovations that could help enhance your bathroom and home in the following ways:

Increase the value of your home

It is still the case that kitchens and bathrooms help to sell homes so when you invest in your bathroom you are investing in the future selling price of your home; increasing its desirability to prospective buyers and helping it stand out from the competition.

Increase the storage space in your home

Renovating a bathroom gives you the opportunity to add storage to de-clutter and perhaps free up additional space for storing towels, bathroom cleaning supplies etc. Many people are now choosing to install under floor heating to free up space taken up by traditional radiators and towel rails etc.

Save money and increase efficiency

Including energy-saving fixtures such as water-saving taps, efficient lighting or timed under floor heating will not only help the planet but also lower your bills over the long term too!

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of renovating your bathroom in the New Year is that you then have virtually the whole year to appreciate and enjoy the improvements before the extra guests start arriving to use your new updated facilities at Christmas time again!

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