If you have a bachelor pad, then you will naturally want a bachelor style bathroom to complement the rest of your home. The following considerations will help you decide on the 2019 bachelor style bathroom to go for:

What is a Bachelor Bathroom?

A bachelor bathroom is designed for the single man in mind. A minimalistic look that affords maximum opulence – think glossy finishes and block colours that enable a man to perform his grooming regime in practical luxury. This is the ultimate design style being aimed for.

Make the most of space

It is important to make the most of every square inch especially if your bathroom is short on space. Choose integrated, minimalist furniture that can double up as display units, counter tops and storage. Counter top basins or wall hung basins can also be a space saving design and if you are short on storage then a mounted metal wall rack or sleek wooden shelving can display all your high-end grooming products and add (not detract) from the overall design.

Use fabric and material to create a strong style statement

Hanging leather-bound artwork on the walls or adding glossy wood accessories such as toothbrush holders and shaving kits is a way of incorporating natural fabrics and materials to create a strong style statement and add rustic, earthy notes to any bachelor designed bathroom.

Incorporate good lighting

Every bachelor needs to indulge in a grooming routine to look his best, so you may want to invest in a feature mirror like a backlit bathroom mirror to aid shaving and hair styling.

How to use colour

Pastel colours are out for the ultimate bachelor bathroom with the ideal palette focusing predominantly on one of the following range of colours with accents of another colour or metallic finish to contrast.

  • White and black
  • Warm – deep browns and dark greys or reds
  • Light – browns and beiges
  • Metallic finishes – gold, silver, copper, bronze

Incorporating key finishes and touches

With room for individual features and personal design touches; a choice or mixture of the following can tie together the ultimate bachelor bathroom design

  • Plain blinds and window dressings
  • Modern gadgets and chrome accessories for a futuristic look
  • Modern spotlights set in the ceiling, flooring or beneath furniture for lighting accents
  • The use of leather accessories
  • A large illuminated mirror
  • Luxury grooming products and accessories

Now you know all the tips and tricks, you’re on track to turn your bathroom into a bachelor space that works best for you.

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