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Shower Rooms

The Future of Small Bathrooms

We specialise in small bathrooms and with space the ever constant challenge in London, shower rooms are often the best way forward.

This is not a negative! As we have been squeezed into small spaces we have set ourselves the challenge of raising the standard to compensate for the smaller space. THis has resulted in a fantastic array of options we can now provide you with when looking at shower rooms and small bathrooms.

We have a tailored bathroom design range build around the London market so we worked tirelessly to create a broad pallet of styles and options for you to consider.

We don’t believe that for a second, just because your space is limited, so should your bathroom design creativity.

Download our brochure and book yourself in for a free consultation and we can show you what a shower room can be!

bathroom planning

Initial Planning

From our first consultation we will work closely with you to establish exactly what your needs are. From there we start the exciting process of design.

bathroom design detail


We will help you chose from our extensive selection the perfect elements for you. We will then design detailed drawings and plans so you can see exactly what your bathroom will be.

bathroom installation


Our expert installation team will then work tirelessly to craft you the bathroom of your dreams.