Bathroom Installation and Renovation Costs

There are varying estimates of bathroom installation costs available on the internet, and some of them might seem tantalisingly cheap. However, many of these estimates refer to just a fraction of the job and don’t account for all the individual steps involved in a bathroom renovation. We’ve put together a brief guide to dispel some of the myths surrounding the true cost of installing a new bathroom.

A fully managed and comprehensive process

It’s important to understand that there is a big difference between the cost of a fully-managed bathroom renovation and a fitting process where you must hire different workers, source different parts and coordinate all of the elements yourself. 

There are so many trades involved in a bathroom installation, from carpenters and electricians to plumbers, tilers and decorators. Although you might find cheap deals individually in these areas, the various renovations costs will soon add up. Plus, how can you be sure you will get a high quality finish from all of these different contractors?

At The London Bath Co. our bathroom installation costs are always for the entire process, from start to finish. This includes services such as waste removal and electrical works, which are frequently overlooked but can add up to a substantial additional cost.

Design and installation

A lot of the time, you will have separate costs for bathroom design and bathroom installation. However, someone who designs a bathroom to sell you fixtures and fittings doesn’t have the same motivation as our team do to ensure that the design works for the space in question. We design our fully fitted bathrooms to work to their full potential and we understand exactly what your home requires.

Fitting your bathroom

When it comes to the cost of building your bathroom, you get what you pay for. Builders and tradespeople have a reputation for not turning up on time and not finishing the project to a high standard. Unfortunately, this can be the service you receive if you opt for a cheap bathroom fitting.

Many contractors and builders will be working on a number of different projects and, if they are on a tight schedule with other clients, they could disappear before properly completing everything in your bathroom. 

When you opt for a London Bath Co. installation, the service you receive is as important to us as the finished product itself. Our craftsmen only work for us and you can be assured of the highest standards of professional workmanship, as well as the quality of the final installation.



Tiling is one of the most important finishing touches to a bathroom. When it’s done well, it can look amazing, but if it’s done poorly, it can ruin the look of the whole bathroom. Many people settle when it comes to tiling, ending up with something that is okay but that they don’t love. This is another area where opting for the lowest costs might not guarantee the best result.


Electrical inspection and certification

Also, not all bathroom installations will include the relevant electrical safety checks. Electricity and water do not mix and all electrical works in a bathroom should be properly inspected and certified on completion. Rather than having to pay separately for the appropriate electrical checks, this is included in the cost of our comprehensive service.


Future-proofing your bathroom

A quality finish will take longer to achieve and might come at a slightly higher cost. However, the most important aspect of a new bathroom – the part that you don’t see – is thorough workmanship which ensures your bathroom doesn’t leak over the coming years. 

Remember the old saying, ‘buy cheap buy twice’. Even if the workmanship seems acceptable at the time, bathrooms are notorious for leaking and will often need to be completely stripped out and refitted as leaks can be hard to trace. Getting a cheap job can often mean getting it wrong and can be far more expensive in the long run.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the finish of our bathrooms and we won’t sign off on a job as complete until you confirm you are completely satisfied with your new bathroom.

Our costs are all-inclusive and we are dedicated to providing fully-fitted bathrooms at affordable prices to customers across London.

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