The bathroom is one room of the house that can feel sort of cold and impersonal with all of the hard surfaces and cool colours. For some this just won’t do, and if you are left wondering how to choose a bathroom installation in London that shows your feminine side take a look at these tips to help you achieve just that.

Avoid Metallic Finishes

Shiny metallic finishes on your hardware and plumbing can give off a cold, industrial feel, making the space look more masculine. To soften the overall effect stay away from those and opt for something a little different, such as a brushed nickel or copper finish. These finishes will minimise the starkness of the space and add a more subtle feminine touch.

A Patterned Wallpaper

To soften the overall feel of your bathroom and add a feminine touch you may want to consider patterned wallpaper for your bathroom installation in London. There are many classic styles that will not only look great but also achieve that femininity you are looking for, such as damask. Take it one step further and choose something with a high-gloss or pearled finish to really amp up the glamour.


White is a classic colour for your bathroom fixtures, and looks great regardless of the other design elements of the space. When planning a bathroom installation in London and trying to keep things more feminine stick with traditional white and try and lean towards fixtures that are rounded and soft in shape and design as opposed to harsher more abrupt lines that may have more of a masculine feel.

The Perfect Colour

Nothing says femininity more than the perfect colour. Choose a palette that reflects the soft and girly look you are going for and consider such shades and colours as pinks, corals, fuchsias and even purples to really capture the feminine side of your design taste. Paint colour is an easy way to make a very definite statement about you and your style.

Elegant Accents

When trying to capture a feminine feel for your new bathroom space, be sure to include some elegant accents and touches such as a gilded mirror frame, intricate and delicate hardware, or even floral patterned linens and window dressings to let any and all visitors know this is the space of a woman. Feminine touches will go a long way in making the space soft and inviting.

It is possible, with a little planning, to get a bathroom that is elegant, feminine and functional at the same time.

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