3 things you should include in your guest bathroom design

Designing a bathroom which is predominantly going to be used by someone other than yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Your guest bathroom design needs to be useable space for visitors to your home and does not require all of the personal touches that your own or your family bathroom has.

As it won’t be you who is using this space, while you want to be happy with the design, it is important to remember that you need it to also appeal to other people. Designing a space for someone else to use can be challenging but these tips should help you to create the ideal guest bathroom.

Keep it neutral

You want your guests to feel at ease in your guest bathroom, so you want to create a welcoming, natural atmosphere for them. As you won’t know who will be using your guest bathroom you will want to avoid making the space feel overly masculine or overly feminine or overly familiar. The best idea is to design a bathroom based on neutral shades which will appeal to anyone and make them feel comfortable whilst they use your bathroom.

If you are considering including colour in your guest bathroom design, then you should make sure that it is not overwhelming or too intense. Natural colours such as creams, greys, greens and browns can help you to create a soothing environment that your guests will enjoy.

Open storage solutions

Storage is essential in any bathroom, but your guests may feel uneasy about going through drawers and cupboards to see where they can place their belongings. A great solution to this is to provide open storage such as shelves, baskets and cubes which allows you to keep products such as shampoo and shower gels as well as towels, out on display so that your guests do not have to rummage to find what they need. You can also leave some spaces empty for your guests to place their own belongings.

A touch of luxury

Adding little luxurious touches to your guest bathroom can really give your guests a boutique hotel experience in your guest bathroom. As your guest bathroom won’t be used as frequently, you can afford to invest in some added extras such as luxury towels and face cloths for your guests to use. You may also want to include some high-end soaps, lotions and spar treatment products for your guests to treat themselves to whilst they are staying in your home.

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