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Homeowners have in recent years come to see the value of having a wet room rather than or in addition to, a traditional bathroom. These are usually by necessity practical and easy to use and while they are generally neat and tidy areas they are not often thought of as adding aesthetic value to the home. However there is no reason why your wetroom shouldn’t be glamorous as well as practical.

What Are The Benefits Of A Wetroom?

A wetroom is essentially a large shower enclosure and most bathrooms whether large or small can be converted into a wetroom. One could even be installed as an en-suite. Obviously you should seek advice on this before you embark on a conversion. A wetroom has many benefits not least for those who have mobility issues but the main ones are that your bathroom is opened up into a more open-plan, useable space and the practicality of a wetroom design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Add Value As Well As Luxury

It is said that a wetroom can increase the value of your home by an average of £15,000 and the more luxurious and attractive a wetroom is the better. Features such as a rainfall showerhead or wall-mounted spray nozzles are very impressive to look at as well to use. Add LED and mood lighting around the room and within the shower itself in order to create a certain mood or highlight features such as attractive tiles, colour schemes or artwork.

Use mirrors and lots of glass floating shelves to enhance the illusion of open space and emulate boutique hotel style with the use of things like modern slate tiling, marble or polished concrete. Add some bling to your decor with iridescent mosaic tiles and high gloss surfaces to your cabinets.

Use bold accent colours in your wetroom furniture and towels. Dramatic colours like amethyst, midnight blue and fuchsia really stand out against a monotone background. Decant your bathroom lotions and potions into elegant glass or crystal jars and display these prominently. Enjoy the luxurious opulence of high quality towels, bathrobes and wash cloths every day and fill the room with fragrance from scented candles or air fresheners.

Think Hollywood!

Wetroom design and decor doesn’t have to be bland. With a few Hollywood style touches you’ll find it is possible to add glamour to your wetroom.

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