Are you thinking of giving your bathroom a makeover but aren’t a fan of the modern, minimalist style? The 1950s bathroom style is soft, relaxing and gorgeous. Why not embrace the full Hollywood 1950s era for a truly glamorous bathroom design you can be proud to spend time in.

Get a Bathtub Fit For A Star

In old school Hollywood movie bathroom scenes the glamorous leading lady would always be shown languishing in a tub and never taking a quick shower. A roll-top bathtub should be on your list and if it comes with vintage fittings and can be positioned in the centre of the room so much the better. If you prefer a shower then free-standing showers are available and chintzy patterned shower curtains or engraved shower screens are a must to complete the look.

Storage Should Be Pretty As Well As Functional

Hang a traditional wall cabinet to keep all your medicines, lotions and potions in but make it a glass fronted one with perhaps crystal or ceramic knobs. Match it to your under-sink storage too for maximum pretty but functional storage. Antique glass shelving with Victorian style gold-coloured mountings will showcase your favourite retro toiletries.

Mirror, Mirror

No self-respecting Hollywood star would be without several mirrors in her bathroom all the better to check her gorgeous self from all angles. A full-length Chevalier mirror, preferably framed in gold-coloured opulence, crystals or bevelled glass, is perfect when positioned opposite an equally glam wall mirror.


Ornate chandeliers or wall sconces ooze 50s glamour. Or install soft LED backlights to cast a flattering glow around the room.

Embrace Colour

Unlike modern bathrooms, those in the 1950s tended to be decorated in soft pastel colours such as pink, light green, cream or turquoise and yellow. With a huge range of paint colours and tiling options that are available today you are sure to find your perfect colour. Match your colour scheme carefully to flatter your bathroom fittings and retro radiators which should be traditionally shaped and with rounded, soft edges. Marbled or black and white tiles for floor and/or walls were all the rage in 1950s Hollywood bathrooms and this is a look easily achieved today.

Soft and Fluffy

Towels and bath mats should be soft, fluffy and luxurious to make you feel pampered and to showcase your 50s glamour credentials you should of course display a pretty porcelain dish of body dusting powder complete with huge powder puff and pretty satin bow.

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