Bathroom Tiles – The latest tiling trends for bathrooms

Choosing Bathroom Tiles for your bathroom is no longer simply about functionality. Your tiles now not only need to be durable, low maintenance and water proof, they also need to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Tile trends have become so important that manufacturers are creating more and more ranges to cater for the varying tastes of their consumers.

The finishing colours, shapes and textures which are gracing bathrooms recently are creating trends which many bathroom designers and manufacturers are also favouring. So, if you want your bathroom to stay on trend, check out these tiling trends of 2018.

Matte finish bathroom tiles

Matte tiles are fast replacing glossy tiles in bathrooms up and down the country. Matte tiles create a strong and powerful look while also being soft and not in your face. An added benefit of matte tiles is that they do not show watermarks and smudges as easily as glossy tiles. They make excellent floor tiles for this reason as well as being less slippery than glossy finish tiles. The low sheen on matte tiles makes them easy to maintain as well as being ideal for flooring as they are much less of a slip hazard. However, in smaller bathrooms they can make the space feel slightly smaller as they do not reflect the light as well as glossy tiles.

Geometric tiles bathroom tiles

It’s not just the finishes and the colours which are creating trends in bathroom tiles; manufacturers are also playing around with geometric shapes to create innovative styles. One shape which has made many appearances in trends come and gone is the hexagon. Manufacturers are using this shape in all sizes and colours in bathroom design to create unique appearances. They are especially popular for use on shower floors to create a contrasting area that draws the eye.

Neutral nudes

Brighter prime colours are becoming less popular in bathroom tile design as people begin to favour more natural tones. Nude neutrals such as grey, beige and browns are increasingly popular with the combination of grey and beige now inspiring its own new colour; you can find many product ranges now described as “greige”.

Wood planks for flooring

Wood planks are just taking off in bathroom flooring and there are many choices of finish, grain and size you can choose in order to create a bespoke flooring. You can also choose wooden planks in the bottom of the shower area to create a non-slip area that looks stylish and natural.

Whatever the tile type you use for your bathroom; proper installation is key. Make sure you know what you’re doing when tiling or get the professionals in – and your bathroom is sure to look spectacular.

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