Our Favourite Wet Room Design Ideas

A wet room is a fantastic use of space for your bathroom, and also allows some of the most stylish and experimental design choices. From eye-catching tiling to statement fittings, here are our favourite wet room design ideas.


Geometric floor tiles

One of our favourite wet room design ideas is using geometric floor tiles. There is a huge range of geometric floor tiles available to match any design palette and they work especially well with minimalist designs to make a wet room much more vibrant. Tiling is the most popular choice for a wet room floor finish, but a geometric design can really elevate the space, especially if the rest of the bathroom is neutral in colour.


Wood effect walls

Wood effect walls are a great way to add some different visual textures to your wet room, whilst also introducing natural elements. Wood effect walls can be used on their own to create a statement wall surrounded by neutral tones, or on multiple walls to evoke the feeling of a secluded cabin. Wood effect walls are available in a range of different designs, from paler wood effects such as ash or pine all the way through to darker tones like mahogany.


Glass screens

Glass screens are a good way to compartmentalise the wet room space without making it seem smaller. With a screen, you can keep the shower area separate to the rest of the room whilst also minimising the amount of water splashing from your shower. Screens are often seen frameless, but they are also available with a number of statement frame designs, including a multiple windowpane effect.


Built-in shelf for toiletries

A built-in shelf (or shelves) for your toiletries is one of our favourite wet room design ideas. Built-in shelves are a great alternative to wall-mounted shelves or caddies – they look simple and stylish and they won’t intrude on your shower space. You could opt for one large built-in shelf with room for all of your items, or you could have a few smaller shelves to divide up the toiletries and create a more textured visual effect.


Industrial-style shower head

Including an industrial-style shower head in your wet room is a great way to break up the room visually and also add a unique design element. The exposed metal design is a big departure from the traditional chrome of shower heads and can give a really modern feel to your wet room. Industrial-style shower heads come in a range of designs and looks, such as brass, copper, or even matt black.


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