Freestanding bathroom furniture can give you storage solutions without the need for you to screw anything in to the wall. Freestanding furniture can also be moved around when you feel like revamping the look of your bathroom. It’s amazing how different a room can look just be moving the furniture around and having the luxury of being able to do this in the bathroom can save you a costly remodel.

But can freestanding bathroom furniture work in any space? Do smaller bathrooms end up looking smaller? Do bigger spaces end up looking sparse with just freestanding furniture? Or is freestanding bathroom furniture actually the ideal storage solution in any space and what kind of looks can you achieve with these types of pieces? Here, we explore these ideas below.

Making the most of your small bathroom space

While people often think that fitted bathroom furniture is the best option for smaller spaces, buying freestanding gives you the freedom to make the most of your floorspace by moving your furniture into exactly the right spaces.

Opting for freestanding furniture in your bathroom allows you to mix and match your storage options and your suite in order to make the most of a smaller space without making it feel cramped and overwhelmed by large fitted units covering the walls and imposing on the room.

Larger bathrooms made homely with freestanding bathroom furnature

Larger spaces are ideal for freestanding bathroom furniture and you have plenty of room to play with to create the peaceful bathroom you desire. One item of freestanding bathroom furniture which looks perfect in a larger bathroom is, of course, the freestanding bath. Freestanding baths are the epitome of luxury and make any bathroom feel glamourous and elegant.

Freestanding bathroom furniture can also help to create a cosy feeling in large bathrooms. Big bathrooms can sometimes feel clinical and cold with large areas of floor and wall tiles giving the room a sometimes-harsh appearance. Freestanding bathroom furniture can be used to fill some of the space between your bathroom suite as well as providing much needed storage solutions.

The family bathroom

The one thing that is essential in any family bathroom is storage. The more people who are using the space, the more places you are going to need to store their belongings so that your surfaces aren’t always covered in products. Freestanding bathroom furniture gives you flexible storage solutions that you can customise to suit your family’s needs and your style and taste.

Whatever your thoughts on freestanding furniture, why not explore whether they’d fit in your bathroom? You may be surprised at the results!

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