The Best Tile Colours for a Small Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, many people are concerned about adding colours and textures which could overwhelm the space and make it appear smaller. They want to choose colours carefully which open up the bathroom and make it appear bright, modern and more spacious. 

Colours can really personalise your bathroom but think carefully about your long term plans, particularly in terms of whether you intend to keep your property for a number of years or whether you want to move. This is because your taste may not always be to everyone else’s and therefore your investment would be diminished.

We understand that these concerns often emerge, so we’ve put together a brief guide to the best tile colours for a small bathroom. 

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White or cream

This is perhaps the most ‘obvious’ choice but white or cream tiles really do lend themselves well to small bathrooms. They create the illusion of more space through additional brightness.

If you don’t want an all-white look in your bathroom, you can opt for grey or black grout for your tiles. This creates a lovely monochrome effect but the room will still appear bright and spacious.


Pale blue or green

A simple white and cream may not be for everyone and there are definitely ways you can use tiles to add a bit more colour to your small bathroom. Some of our favourite tile colours are blues and greens, simply because they create a really tranquil environment. These colours are reminiscent of nature and the sea which heightens feelings of relaxation.

If you’re not sure how to match blue and green tiles with the other ideas you have for your small bathroom, a dedicated bathroom designer can really help you create a full vision and bring your ideas to life.


Rose pink

While we’d typically recommend sticking to light colours for small bathrooms, so as not to shrink the space, this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your choices. A light dusky pink can be a fantastic choice for modern bathrooms as it adds a point of interest without overwhelming the surroundings.


Light grey

For modern bathrooms and those influenced by industrial interior design, light grey tiles are definitely one to consider. They are subtle but are also slightly more unusual than black and white tiles.

Grey tiles are sleek, stylish and can be easily matched with an array of bathroom furnishings and fittings! Their neutral hue means that they can create a calm and clean atmosphere in the bathroom, which helps to keep a small bathroom from feeling cluttered.


Dark-coloured floor tiles

If you are opting for white or pale-coloured tiles on the walls, you might be tempted to experiment with darker shades elsewhere in the bathroom to create a more contrasting design.

A good idea is to opt for black, grey or darker-coloured tiling for your floor, as this offers a contrasting effect while still keeping the illusion of a larger space. The sleek, monochrome design is sure to become a talking point amongst visitors!


Are you currently looking to redesign or renovate your bathroom? Our talented bathroom design team are able to help! You’re welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.

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