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How Much Does an En Suite Bathroom Cost
One question we get asked all the time here at The London Bath Co. is: how much does an en suite bathroom cost? As with most renovations, there is no exact answer on the costings and it will depend entirely on the type and size of the bathroom, as well as what is included in the cost of the project.   How much does an en suite bathroom cost in...
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The Best Tile Colours for a Small Bathroom
When it comes to bathrooms, many people are concerned about adding colours and textures which could overwhelm the space and make it appear smaller. They want to choose colours carefully which open up the bathroom and make it appear bright, modern and more spacious.  Colours can really personalise your bathroom but think carefully about your long term plans, particularly in terms of whether you intend to keep your property for...
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Things to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom
Renovating any part of your house requires planning, but none more so than your bathroom. Practical considerations like plumbing and waterproofing need to be addressed before you get too attached to any specific vision, but, by making smart design choices, you can still have the bathroom of your dreams. Here are a few things to consider when renovating a bathroom to make the process easier.   Budget When planning any...
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A wet room is a fantastic use of space for your bathroom, and also allows some of the most stylish and experimental design choices. From eye-catching tiling to statement fittings, here are our favourite wet room design ideas.   Geometric floor tiles One of our favourite wet room design ideas is using geometric floor tiles. There is a huge range of geometric floor tiles available to match any design palette...
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Ideas for Creating a Stylish Accessible Bathroom
Functionality is often the first port of call when it comes to mobility bathrooms. However, this shouldn’t mean that personality and unique style should be forgotten! A bathroom is a reflection of the person who uses it. To create a stylish accessible bathroom, you need to carefully consider both of these aspects. We take a look at some key design aspects for creating the perfect mobility bathroom.   Built-in fittings...
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Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

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