When you are decorating or renovating your bathroom, you often look to save money where you can as it is not a cheap experience. However, as the bathroom is the one room in the house which everyone uses, several times a day, there are some things which you should definitely not go cheap with bathroom design.

As with anything, with bathroom products and fittings, the more you spend the better it usually is. Skimping on the following four items is simply going to ruin your bathroom experience and ensure that everyone in your house suffers as a result.

1. The shower

There is nothing worse than a weak shower or one which cannot maintain a steady temperature. If you are installing any kind of shower, whether it is freestanding or above your bath, it is important that you invest in one with a steady stream and good temperature gauge. You don’t want to be having to replace or constantly repair a faulty or leaking shower as this will have a huge impact on you and your family so spend the money in the first place and invest in a good one.

2. The towels

Cheap towels are hard and thin, and they are not what anyone wants to wrap themselves in after a bath or shower. Although all towels will eventually lose their fluffy new feeling after a few washes, good towels will still be soft after plenty of uses. Cheap towels are thin and often go patchy and threadbare very quickly. Save money in the long run by buying good ones first time.

3. Storage

Storage space in a bathroom can never be undervalued. Cheap storage is likely to be small and may even break and not be fit for purpose after the heavy use it may face in a family bathroom. As no one wants bathroom products on every surface, invest in good sized storage solutions to you can keep your bathroom tidy.

4. Toilet paper

Toilet paper may not be high up on your list of priorities when thinking about spending money on your bathroom but cheap toilet paper is one of life’s miseries. Cheap toilet paper often seems like a bargain, but you are often left with paper which you need to use twice as much of, but you get half on the roll compared to more expensive types. Spend the extra to make sure you’re not left with thin and rough toilet paper for you, your family and your guests.

Making sure you get these 4 things right will make for a more comfortable bathroom experience for anyone that uses your bathroom.

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